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Sassafras at an Impasse? An Update on Laurel Wilt in Southern Forests
April 17, 2024

Dr. Bud Mayfield (Research Entomologist – US Forest Service) will discuss laurel wilt and give an update on recent developments in disease spread, impact, and management.

Guide to Herbicide Application Windows During a Southern Pine Rotation to Improve Productivity
March 13, 2024

Dr. David Clabo (Assistant Professor of Silviculture Outreach – University of Georgia) will cover herbicide use in pine stands, including herbicide options for site preparation through midrotation.

Understanding and Managing Emerging Needle Diseases of Loblolly Pine in the Southeastern United States
February 14, 2024

Dr. Caterina Villari (Associate Professor & Co-Director of Southern Pine Health Research Cooperative – University of Georgia) will discuss common loblolly pine needle diseases across the southeastern U.S., signs of disease, and management techniques.

Oak Wilt Biology and Management
November 15, 2023

Dr. Demian Gomez (Regional Forest Health Coordinator - Texas A&M Forest Service) will discuss oak wilt - what causes it and what you can do to manage it.

Spongy Moth (Formerly Known as Gypsy Moth): Recent Impacts, Spread, and Management of a Non-Native Defoliator
October 18, 2023

Dr. Tom Coleman (Entomologist & Slow the Spread Program Manager – US Forest Service) will discuss spongy moth biology, management techniques, and give an update on its current range in the U.S.

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